Homeless Veterans

Charities estimate that there are some 7,000 homeless veterans on Britain’s streets, and in the year 2016/17, some 6,500 homes were given to asylum seekers.

The Government’s track record of looking after our veterans is not good enough.

Number of homeless veterans

Number of asylum seekers given a home in 2016/17

Receiving genuine refugees and asylum seekers is of course right. But the first responsibility of any government is to look after its own people, and if we can afford to help people from overseas, we can afford to help people in this country too. We should start with those who have fought and served this country.

Government’s Priorities

At the beginning of November the Home Office proposed moving extremists to the top of council housing waiting lists, helping them into education, training or employment and referring them to the NHS for mental health treatment. This is all because there is insufficient evidence to prosecute and jail all Jihadi returnees.

The Department of Communities and Local Government confirmed to Express.co.uk that they do not even keep a record of the number of armed forces veterans who need or have received housing in the UK.

UKIP’s Message to the Government

Henry Bolton, Leader of UKIP says…

Well, you know what, there is an alternative: change the law. The Treason Act should be taken out of the Public Order Act and made fit for purpose against returning Jihadi fighters.


If they have been fighting for, or in any way providing support to this country’s enemies, the answer is not to give them preferential treatment over our own veterans, but to prosecute them as the traitors they are.”

UKIP’s Policy


Veterans' Hostels

By 2025, UKIP will build eight halfway house veterans’ hostels, each with 200 rooms and modelled on similar hostels already in operation.


Affordable Homes for Veterans

We will also build 500 affordable rent homes every year specifically for ex-forces personnel.


Job Guarantee for Veterans

We will guarantee the offer of a job in the police, prison service or border force for anyone who has served in the Armed Forces for a minimum of 12 years.

The Armed Forces Covenant says councils “should” help homeless veterans. It should be amended to use the words “must help”.

Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP Shadow Cabinet Spokesperson for Veteran Affairs