EU Military Integration

The EU’s Permanent Security Cooperation (PESCO) programme risks subordinating British armed forces to EU authority.

Is it right that they should be sent to war by people you cannot vote out of power?

The Problem

The EU treaties contain clear ambitions for EU defence integration and centralised command and control. These ambitions are now being openly pursued.

The EU’s Common Security & Defence plans are associated with the eventual formation of a European Federal State and any involvement in the EU’s ‘Permanent Security Cooperation’ (PESCO) would place the UK at significant risk of compromising the integrity and capabilities of the British armed forces and of subordinating them to EU authority.

In particular the EU’s integration ambitions risk:

  • A threat to the UK’s status as the only European member of the Five Eyes intelligence community;
  • A threat to NATO cohesion;
  • Interference with the way national armed forces are administered, for example seeking the wider introduction of trades unions;
  • A significantly negative impact on the UK defence industry and procurement, for example, in future Britain may have no choice but to have its warships and tanks built in another EU country.
  • Decisions on UK defence priorities being made by the EU.

The question is, do you, the British public, want those whom you hold dear to be sent to war or into danger by people you cannot vote out of power?

UKIP’s Response

Henry Bolton, Leader of UKIP says…

The EU is dictating to Britain again. “Give us your military, your money and remain subordinate to the EU Courts and then we might, perhaps, talk about trade. So, that deal is better than no deal is it?


The scandal is that, from what we understand, the Government is preparing to submit to blackmail and commit our armed forces and defence procurement to the control of the European Union.


The government has a mandate from 17.4m people to take us out of the EU, but instead the Conservatives are planning to commit the UK to even greater military integration with the EU.


Let me be unambiguously clear, PESCO is not about cooperation, which we do already work towards bi-laterally and within NATO, but it is about integration. I’m calling for cooperation, not integration or subordination to the EU.


The Government are telling us that “No final decisions have yet been made about whether the UK will participate in Pesco”. You would have thought they would have made up their mind by now. It is clear that Theresa May’s government intends to slip this in without anyone noticing. If they do, I, my party and the country will never forgive them.


If the government signs into PESCO, it will be proof that their intent is to achieve Brexit in name only.

Then UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP debates then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP on the EU’s ambition for military integration.

UKIP’s Policy

UKIP is fighting to ensure that the government does not allow our armed forces to become institutionally entangled with the EU’s dangerous ambitions – to do so would be to compromise our own ability to defend ourselves.

UKIP supports cooperation with friends and allies, but we are determined that the UK must never lose independent and sovereign control over its defence policy, military procurement or the use of our armed forces. 

Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP Shadow Cabinet Spokesperson for Exiting the EU